If God gave me the gift and passion to write…

…then why is it so frustrating? When I’m writing a story or a novel, I am in ‘THE ZONE.’ Time is nothing. I can spend seven hours on writing and then realize the day is already done, the kids are home from school and NOTHING has been done. The dishes, the laundry, getting dinner made. I need balance in my life, because even though it’s okay to love writing (and reading others’ writing, and trying to market my first book though social media), it is not OK to ignore my home responsibilities.

So this week, I asked for prayer in my small group that I can get my priorities and discipline straight. I love my writing world, but I still have to live in the ‘real world.’ I dream that someday my writing will be successful. I guess it is a wake up call to do what I need to do every day- pray, spend time in the Word, do my homemaking duties (as boring as they are) and be the best mom to the two kids who are still in the nest (my 17 year old and my 10 year old)- and even rejoice in the wonderful young lady my 19 year old has turned out to be.

There is so much to be thankful for in this life.


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