Writing Body Language: Attraction

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Writing Body Language: Attraction


Telling the reader a character is attracted to someone is simple. And rather flat and boring. But showing several small attraction signs can give the story a strong punch that will glue the readers to the pages and make them relive their own troubles and beautiful moments.

Making Erotica Useful in Writing

Clumsiness and nervousness

Characters that do not typically bump into things or have troubles with fluent speech can find out their own body betrays them in the presence of their interest. They can stumble, drop a pen, find it hard to push an elevator button… The level of attraction, especially when it is just blooming and there is no deeper relationship between the characters can manifest in the degree of this unwanted clumsiness. A character ear-deep in trouble (love) can miss a stair and injure themselves while only mildly attracted character can simply hit the stair with the tip of their boot and go on.

The same goes for talking. Stuttering, failing to find the right words, or even inability to speak to the so interesting love interest can be great signs for the readers (and the other characters). The tone of voice can change as well.

Being attracted to someone can cause unintentional gestures or actions. Nervous characters can play with something in their hands, be jittery, reorder things in front of them, keep opening and closing a book…

Involuntary body response

Being close to an attractive person can result in many uncomfortable bodily reactions. From sweating, having goosebumps, or blushing to changes in the private parts. Attraction can cause a rise of body temperature, quicken the heartbeat, change breathing patterns…

The intensity of these changes can vary, depending on the time and physical closeness. A character can hear an attractive voice and experience faint tingling around the ears and stomach. The situation can develop as the attractive character walks in, causing a warm feeling in the other one. The scene can gradually continue with physical contact or a dialogue that will push the attraction signs forward.

Controlled and uncontrolled behavior

The upper mentioned signs are great for characters who are a bit of a victim of their own feelings. They can experience their first falling in love. Or not feel comfortable with the situation for any other reason. They find it hard to react and the possible relationship development can take a long time.

But you can and should write also characters who know what they want and consciously woo the attractive character. They can suffer from mild uncomfortable signs as above but they usually take an active role and use their body language and actions to pursue their goal.

They can consciously change their voice, adjust their appearance, willingly lean closer to the object of their attraction, use touches and gestures to create the desired atmosphere… Such characters usually do not hesitate to engage in frequent conversations, make plans for both, ask bold questions, or rearrange the surroundings to achieve an easier interaction. You can make the wooing persons stand up and wave in a room full of people. Or make room for sitting really close in an empty environment. Put aside objects to have a better view, use every opportunity to touch the other one…

The lured character can respond in various ways, showing the same active and decisive behavior. Or you can, again, use some of the less comfortable signs to show what is on the other person’s mind.

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Making Erotica Useful in Writing

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NaNoWriMo 2017 begins soon!

And I have no idea for an original novel. But it isn’t as if I haven’t done any writing this year…but what has that writing been?


Instead of feeling ashamed, I’m just gonna roll with it and keep writing about the characters from my favorite movie, my great obsession of 2017. Disney’s live action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Can I admit to you that I’ve written 15 fics for BatB this year? One work-in-progress that is now 16 chapters long, and 14 ‘one-shots.’ And so, my NaNoWriMo story is going to be another multi chapter fanfic.

I’m aiming for the liver….(NO! Gaston, get outta my head!)  I’m aiming for 50K words.


Kindle Romance- ‘The Cedar Chest’



‘The Cedar Chest’ is my first novel, on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Carrie Hughes is a firefighter’s widow whose husband, Tim, died on duty as a firefighter. A library clerk with a grieving 13 year old daughter, 7 year old son, and extra pounds of ‘baby weight,’ she struggles with her own grief and her wavering Christian faith. Carrie reaches out to friends and finds comfort with Judy, a fellow widow who lives hundreds of miles away.

David Hensel, a salesman at his family’s quaint Amish furniture shop, lost his wife Sarah to cancer two years before. He works long hours while raising his 5 year old son, hiding his loneliness with his friendly smile and goofy jokes. He lives in the same small Wisconsin town as Judy, who invites Carrie to visit her over the summer.

When Carrie and David meet, they share an immediate bond and a romantic spark. As they begin a long-distance correspondence, they learn to laugh again- and love again.

But after David commits a sin he regrets, can he still be the loving man of faith Carrie needs? Can teenage Nora accept her mother’s new love life? A story of loss, love and forgiveness.

Note from the Author: This is a Christian fiction novel, but there is a warning for edgy subject matter (mention of suicide, adultery, childhood sexual abuse.) Romance with mild sexual dialogue and themes.

ETA: The sequel, Blended and Blessed, is now published and I will offer it as a free Kindle book during the week of March 13-17!

Blended and Blessed, my new release!


Carrie and David, two lonely widowed parents living in small Midwestern towns, found a second chance at love and are planning their wedding soon.

A high-profile murder involving David’s close family member darkens their celebration. Follow the couple through their first months of marriage and their blended family as they experience their wedding, honeymoon, stepchildren, and forgiving each other of past hurts.


If God gave me the gift and passion to write…

…then why is it so frustrating? When I’m writing a story or a novel, I am in ‘THE ZONE.’ Time is nothing. I can spend seven hours on writing and then realize the day is already done, the kids are home from school and NOTHING has been done. The dishes, the laundry, getting dinner made. I need balance in my life, because even though it’s okay to love writing (and reading others’ writing, and trying to market my first book though social media), it is not OK to ignore my home responsibilities.

So this week, I asked for prayer in my small group that I can get my priorities and discipline straight. I love my writing world, but I still have to live in the ‘real world.’ I dream that someday my writing will be successful. I guess it is a wake up call to do what I need to do every day- pray, spend time in the Word, do my homemaking duties (as boring as they are) and be the best mom to the two kids who are still in the nest (my 17 year old and my 10 year old)- and even rejoice in the wonderful young lady my 19 year old has turned out to be.

There is so much to be thankful for in this life.

I am a NaNoWriMo Winner!

I have reached my 50,000 word goal and my original fiction novel (so far) is a little over 80,000 words. The longest story I’ve ever written, and there’s more to come. It will soon be a 100,000 word manuscript and my dream is that it could become a book after I edit and improve it, maybe with some help from more knowledgeable people.